Diamond history

Continuing last article about diamond mining, below are some article related into diamond history.

Diamond is a very hard minerals to be found. Diamond or gemstone is also has a higher value so that a lot of people who are attracted by these objects. Moreover, from the people who have a good economy or can be mentioned the rich. The diamond it is also becoming increasingly high value then so much for sale in stores-shop diamond or diamond imitation. And in this there are only m-style two types of diamonds alone are clear or diamond called Mithila and the other is a black diamond.

Types of diamond yini including on precious stones are rare and hard to find. So that made the synthesis and imitation, between Diamond and imitasinyayang are many and well known in the shops are: took fabulit, titanium, linobat, white Sapphire, spinel outih, sirkon, sirkonia, diamonair, YAG (yytrium ion of gametes), GGG (gogolinium gallium gametes), djevalit (United States sirkonia), and paronit (sirkonia of Russia).
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Diamond Mining and usage management

Diamond search is done by means of creating or dig a hole in the ground that is already naturally contain diamonds. There are two kinds of hole that hole retroactively and holes in. Hole depth low tide between one and a half metres while the holes in the can reach ten feet or more. To destroy the land was initially dug by human power, but now there’s been utilizing pump spray

The last minerals namely diamond honed with fasit, for example form of diamond, markis, pendelop and briolet. Among the fasit form diamond is the most common type, so such diamonds also called with the name of the diamond. In the age of now many traders making the term diamond diamonds and diamonds. According to the traders called the diamond is not sparkly or Appear gloomy, although both jewels were equally honed in the form of asahan fasit. Is of the opinion that the traders actually made is not correct.

Assortment of diamond grindstones form, among others, Switzerland (simple) diamond, diamond, diamond shears (default), King Diamond roses, diamonds, diamond shining star magna. Smaller diamonds are usually honed using diamond grindstones simple form that has only table-fasit, fasit fasit crowns and pavilium. While the large berukurab diamond honed using diamond grindstones standard form or another had diamond table fasit, stars, crowns, belts, belt down, pavilion and kulet.
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Diamond History

Diamond or gemstone belongs to the minerals minerals c. C is a non-strategic minerals and non vital. The minerals C this myriad include diamonds or gemstones. In addition to diamond that pertained to these minerals are: nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, talk, mica, graphite, magnesit, alum, ochre, kaolin, fledstar, gifsum, pumice, trass, obsidian, marble, Slate, limestone, dolomite, calcite, granite, basalt, andesite, trakhit, clay, and the last one is sand. It’s all kind of other minerals.

So far it is not known the origin and meaning of the word diamonds or precious stones in the United Kingdom called the diamond. The word diamond is derived from the Netherlands “diamant” actually comes from the language of Greece which means not smashed. Diamond is the only gemstone also has a formula that consists of a single element that is carbon (C). Diamonds are formed simultaneously with the freezing rock ultrabasa peridotit and kimberlit.
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Graff couple, success from diamond

This successful pair to get rich together. Through his company engaged in the business of diamonds, they rake in billions of dollars.

Anne-Marie Graff
This 75 year old woman has a net worth USD2,1 billion. She was the wife of billionaire Laurence Graff United Kingdom who also stockholders in the company of Graff Diamonds.

In its first public offering prospectus last year, it was revealed that the couple is the holder of a combined total of 645 million shares at Graff Diamonds, including the allocation of shares to their three children.

Laurence Graff
The kind of jewelry from United Kingdom aged 75 years pocketed net worth of USD2,1 billion. He is the founder of Graff Diamonds, which has giant diamonds and rare.
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Dan Gertler young diamond millioner

Owner of a diamond mine in the Congo reached its success at a young age. And Gertler also employs 20 thousand workers at this time.

A 39-year-old Israel businessman it pocketed net worth of USD2,6 billion. His wealth comes from diamonds and copper mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

He is the youngest of the list of the world’s richest diamond owners. And is the founder and President And Gertler International Group (DGI) and leader of the Gibraltar, a relic of his family business.
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